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What Is IRS 709 Form?

In the U.S. all the individuals have to pay different taxes on regular basis. The type of such charges depends on person`s activity. However, there are some misunderstood taxes, such as a federal gift one. It must be paid in case an individual transfers his/her property or cash to a recipient as a gift. For instance, when someone dies and leaves their estate or money to beneficiaries. In this case it is required to prepare a form 709, Gift Tax Return. In this article you will find a short guide for preparing a sample as well as cases when it is required.

Before you start creating a 709 form sample, you need to check if you have to. Note that not each transfer requires payment of taxes. Here you will find the list of cases when a blank is needed:

  • you gave gifts to someone totaling more than $14,000 (other than to your spouse);
  • you made transfers called future interests;
  • you need to split gifts with your spouse;
  • you gave property held by both you and your spouse;
  • you are an individual only.

If you fall within one of the above-mentioned categories, you have to fill out a blank and file it with the IRS.

The fillable template is a one-page document that comprises two parts. To create it saving time and effort we offer you to try an editable blank that can be prepared online in minutes. Save a completed file to your device or print out in no time. Find below the details you need to furnish:

  • general information (donor`s name, address, citizenship, SSN, marriage details, date of death etc.);
  • tax computation.

The document also includes four schedules that should show information about real estate or money transferred.

A final IRS 709 paper must be signed by a donor or his/her spouse. Sign a document electronically by typing, drawing or capturing your signature with a webcam.

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